Cloud Secrets: Azure Durable Functions Workshop

1-day free to attend workshop with Azure MVP Marc Duiker on November 27, 2019 - organized by the Azure Usergroup in collaboration with Microsoft Denmark.


1-day hands-on workshop

We are excited to invite the Azure and Serverless communities to attend this 1-day workshop with Marc Duiker, Microsoft Azure MVP, from the Netherlands on November 27th 2019 from 09:00-17:00 in Copenhagen. Morten Christensen from the Azure Usergroup Copenhagen will help out during the day.

The workshop is free to attend, but is limited to 50 attendees on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This workshop was made possible with support from Microsoft Denmark.

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Workshop outline

All content has been crafted with love by Marc Duiker.

Building a resilient workflow using Durable Functions

XASA Workshop

Congratulations! Today is your first job as a software engineer at XASA, the Xpirit Aeronautics and Space Administration. You are responsible for creating a system which reacts to detected Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

A satellite is continuously scanning the skies for these NEOs. The satellite transmits its findings to ground stations which in turn send the data to Azure.

It's your job to ensure the incoming data is analyzed to assess the risk of impact, stored, and to notify the required organizations of this risk and possible counter-measures (think Armageddon style).

Technical solution

You are tasked with implementing the solution using Azure Functions. The reason behind this is that the number of detected NEOs changes heavily over time. And when nothing is being detected XASA prefers not paying for any infrastructure.

The NEO data (of type DetectedNEOEvent) looks as follows:

	"id" : "77c924dc-883c-4f53-922f-7cddb7325121",
	"date" : "2019-04-23T18:25:43.511Z",
	"distance": 3.5,
	"velocity" : 10,
	"diameter" : 0.52

Another team was tasked with the ingestion of the NEO data and this data is already being pushed to an Azure Servicebus topic.

Event Processor Function App

You will be responsible for creating a Function App that is triggered by messages pushed to the Servicebus topic.

The Function App needs to make several calls to other services in order to determine the following:

In addition to these service calls, the processed data needs to be stored to blob storage and a notification needs to be sent out if the Torino impact is equal or greater than 8.



During this workshop we're going to write Azure Functions in C# (.NET Core). The goal of this lab is to very that the required SDKs, IDE and tooling are installed.


1. SDKs

Verify that you have a recent .NET Core SDK installed:

2. IDE & Extensions

Verify that you have an IDE with extension/plugins for Azure Functions:

3. Tooling

Verify that you have these tools installed in order to run Azure Functions locally:

4. Azure account & Azure CLI

Although most of the labs can be done completely locally it would be fun if you could deploy your Function App to Azure in the final labs. For this you require:

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Frequently asked questions

I bring my own laptop? Yes, you need to bring your own (Windows or Mac will both work).

Do I need an Azure Subscription to attend? Ideally yes, but if you don't have one we can help provide you with an Azure Pass to get you started with Azure.

Where will the workshop take place? The workshop will be held at The Meeting Agency (Scandic Kødbyen), close to Copenhagen Central Station and Metro.

What is included when you signup? A seat at the workshop :) A crossaint in the morning, coffee/water during the day, launch and afternoon snack.

What about parking? Scandic Hotel has a large parking basement. Its paid parking, but probably the best option in the area.

What if I need to cancel my attendance? Please reply to the ticket email and let us know.

What happens if I don't show up? Seating is limited and interest is high, so we kindly ask all attendees to respect this. We reserve the right to send a no-show-fee to attendees who are signed up, but don't show up without prior notice.

Get in touch with us!

Do you have questions about the workshop or venue? Please feel free to drop us an email.

You can reach Morten on [email protected] or via twitter:

+45 72183355 (venue)
/ +45 20956233 (organizers)

The Meeting Agency (Scandic Kødbyen),
Skelbækgade 3A,
1717 Copenhagen V

Questions: [email protected]

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