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3 different 4-hour seminars free to attend online with Azure MVPs Aleksandar Nikolic and Magnus Mårtensson - organized by the Danish Azure Usergroup in collaboration with Microsoft Denmark.


3x 4-hour seminars online

We are excited to invite the Azure Community to attend one or all of these 3 online seminars with Aleksandar Nikolic and Magnus Mårtensson on January 27-28 2021 from 10:00-14:00 and 15:00-19:00 CET.

All seminars are free to attend, and are only streamed live on the day. No recordings! Sign-up to receive the link prior to the seminars.

These seminars were made possible with support from Microsoft Denmark.

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Seminars overview

All content has been crafted with love by Aleksandar and Magnus.

Event-based Automation with PowerShell in Azure Functions

by Aleksandar Nikolic, January 27th 10:00-14:00 Seminar ended

Four Azure Cloud Secrets - Things you wish you knew about Azure before you started

by Magnus Mårtensson, January 28th 10:00-14:00 Attend now

Managing non-Azure machines with Azure Arc: A step-by-step guide

by Aleksandar Nikolic, January 28th 15:00-19:00 Attend now

Seminars Outline

Event-based Automation with PowerShell in Azure Functions

Azure Functions enables users to deliver event-based services using serverless architecture. PowerShell is now available in Azure Functions to enable operational tasks with event-based automation. Come learn about how PowerShell works in Azure Functions and the new scenarios it opens up to deliver seamless automation across your Azure and on-premises environments. How are PowerShell Azure Functions different from Azure Automation PowerShell runbooks? Could they easily integrate with other Azure services like Logic Apps and Event Grid? This seminar covers the core architecture of how PowerShell works in Azure Functions, various deployment methods, and the benefits and limitations it has when automating tasks.


Four Azure Cloud Secrets - Things you wish you knew about Azure before you started

300 Level: Intermediate architecture, development and more code

Target Audience: Developers, IT-Pro

The Azure Platform contains plenty of tooling and services, and there are many features to help elevate your project to great Cloud heights. Unfortunately, I see many Azure projects which do not take enough advantage of these Platform features or do not give the fundamentals enough attention. The consequence is suboptimization, runaway costs and configuration chaos.

As the Cloud vendor for Azure Microsoft works to help you do the right thing when using the Platform. That is their responsibility. As the user of the Platform your team has responsibility too. Any Cloud team must learn what the opportunities are on the Platform. In these seminars we will delve into some key areas of focus which will help any project a great deal:

We want to avoid an Íkaros scenario and soar in the skies. How does one aim to get there?0 What should you be focusing on when adopting Azure within your organization and what should you never neglect? Join a lead architect who is leading a team that is building a Cloud Center of Excellence on an excursion how to avoid the most common traps and misconceptions. Become much better faster and stay on target with your Cloud journey!


Managing non-Azure machines with Azure Arc: A step-by-step guide

Join us for a step-by-step guide to managing non-Azure Windows and Linux machines with Azure Arc. Learn how to connect machines to Azure Arc, what is a connected machine agent, how to assign tags, Azure Policies, and Guest Configurations. We will go through all supported VM extensions and their configurations to enable monitoring and management of the connected machines with Azure Monitor, Update Management, and Azure Security Center. The guide will also provide some troubleshooting steps.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the seminars recorded? No, you will have to attend on the day to participate.

Will there be hands-on tasks? No, all seminars are class room sessions. Each seminar is 4x 45 minutes.

How do I attend? Sign-up via the form and you will receive a link to the live stream prior to the seminar starting.

Can I sign-up for all 3 seminars? Yes, you are more than welcome to sign-up for all of them.

Are the seminars streamed live? Yes, all seminars are streamed live.

Can I ask questions during the seminars? Yes, there will be a chat next to the live stream where you can ask questions.

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